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About Serip Bar & Lounge

Serip Bar & Lounge makes quite the first impression.

Don’t miss Serip’s signature cocktails, casual bites, liquid crystal screens, and popular bartenders, whose experience, creativity and intuitive service will turn you into a regular. Serip Bar’s daily Happy Hour runs from 2pm to 5pm with a rotating $7 feature wine, beer and cocktail selection.  

The bar’s exquisite crown is itself a work of art, an authentic Serip Design  known for its timeless organic natural beauty. The bar and lounge is named for this unmissable work of art - that just happens to also be a light fixture. Serip is a world famous design and lighting company founded in Portugal in 1961, that tells the story of innovation, beauty and art. Serip Designs draw people to them, just as Serip Bar beckons visitors to the Resort’s natural gathering place. 

Serip Menu

Happy Hour

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