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Mountain Picnic

Summer temperatures have arrived, and what better way to enjoy it than with a relaxing picnic amidst breathtaking views?

Mountain Picnic

We provide everything, so you don't have to worry about details.
We have two options: an adult's picnic basket and a kid's picnic basket.

• Chef-selected meats and cheese, house-made pickles, compotes, house-baked bread, & crackers
• Crudités and dip
• House-made potato chips
• Macaroons
$30.00 per person

Add beverages: Prosecco Rose (200 ml) + Brut Champagne (200 ml) + Sparkling water (750 ml Bottle) $65

• Peanut butter and banana/Peanut butter and jelly/Ham sandwich
• Veggies and Dip
• House-made potato chips
• Macaroons
• Juice boxes or soda pop

Please reserve 24 hours in advance.

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